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The history of the building lodge

The idea with the MiniTown is to recreate a model af the old Faaborg, as the town looked in 1890. It's being done in a 10 to 1 scale, so if a house were 10 meter long it will be 1 meter as a model. For this we use, bricks, tiles to be able to withstand the danish weather, as the houses are located outside all year when finished.

One of the main reasons for building the MiniTown was to get an attraction to be enjoyed by turists and locals alike.

Faaborg is a great subject for this transformation, as a lot of the houses from that period are well preserved and thus can be used if doubts arise under the construction of the house.

The foundting meeting was held 12th of february 1992.

The Board

Faaborg MiniTowns board has are chosen at the annual meetings. The board takes care of the administrative and pratical tasks in Faaborg MiniTown and is contatable if your have questions.

Besides the board, here's a list of members with administrative roles.

Become a member

We have male and female members, both un-young, older and anything in between. We have a nice social gathering at our two weekly meeting, at the exibit but also at the christmas lunch at on our excurtions. We use our time to grow our network and friendships, both within the MiniTown and outside.

In our coffee breaks we solve all kinds of problems, be it local or the big life discussions. We not only specialize in housebuilding, also in life.

Workshop and facilities

We have two nice and functional facilities kindly sponsored by Faaborg-Midfyn municipality.

The two basement rooms approximately 300 m2, are at the core of our undertaking to build Faaborg MiniTown, as it is here we build everything.


Text under construction


Sponsor list:

If you're insterested in a sposor aggrement, contact us: Kontakt


- Adults: DKK 25

- Children (under 12): Free, is accompanied by adult.

- If you have a ticket from the Syd Fyenske Veteranjernbane: DKK 20

Our ticket also gives a price reduction at the Syd Fyenske Veteranjernbane.

Opening hours 2020

Date Day Opening hours
17/5  Friday  10-16
18/5  Saturday  10-16
19/5  Sunday  10-16
23/5 - 23/6  Thurs- to Sunday  10-16
24/6 - 1/9  All days  10-16
12/10 - 20/10  All days  10-16


Faaborg MiniBy

Diernæsvej 2
5600 Faaborg

How to find us