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Workshop & facilities

We have two nice and functional facilities kindly sponsored by Faaborg-Midfyn municipality.

The two basement rooms approximately 300 m2, are at the core of our undertaking to build Faaborg MiniTown, as it is here we build everything.

Here we have a wide range of tools, a small meeting room as well as a kitchen, which is very important for the coffee brewing. The facilities are open tuesdays and thursdays from 9-12, with the popular coffee break at 10.

Right outside our windown, you'll find the old school yard, where the municipality is building a new park-ish space with flowerbeds and seeting areas. We also have direct and easy access to the main streets of Faaborg.

At Diernæsvej near the roundabout across Jem&Fix (danish shop) is where the exibit with the 140 houses. The exibit area is 5.400 mans is kindly sponsered by Faaborg-Midtfyn Municipality, along with a now house for ticketing, a big patio which can be used during bad weather, as its covered by a big roof. We have tables, benches, as well as a toilet which is suitable for diabled people. We even heat the building with renewable enegy from the sun.

Our opening hours can be foud at the bottom of this site.


Adults: DKK 30

Children (under 12): Free accompanied by adult


If you have a ticket from the Syd Fyenske Veteranjernbane: DKK 25

Our ticket also gives a rebate at the Syd Fyenske Veteranjernbane.

Opening hours

Date Days Opening hours
May 18th Opening day, Ascension Day 10-16
May 19th - June 25th Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday 10-16
June 26th - September 3rd All days 10-16
September 7th - October 13th Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday 10-16
October 14th - October 22nd All days, autumn vacation days 10-16
October 17th - 19th, and 21st Co-builder days for children and young-at-hearts
Price DKK 30


Faaborg MiniBy

Diernæsvej 2
5600 Faaborg

How to find us