Tools and building materials

The tools are regular hand tools. However the trowels are in miniature format, as very little mortar is needed for each brick when bricklaying.

Bricks and roof tiles are created with ceramic clay from Vedstaarup Brickworks. The clay is pressed in the required profiles and cut to the correct lengths. Afterwards the bricks and tiles and dried before being burnt at 1100 degrees celcius in a ceramic oven.

For slate roofs we use old natural slate, cut to a tenth of original size. Afterwards the stones are split very thin, so they match in size and thickness for the MiniTown houses.

For houses with timberframe, the actual timberframe is made from oak wood that is assembled by mortise and tenon joints, just like the original constructions. The boards are built with bricks, that are coated with mortar and washed, or painted, so they appear as close to the original house as possible.

For brick laying mortar we use tile adhesive mixed with beach sand, so it's a bit tougher.