Become a member

We have male and female members, both un-young, older and anything in between. We have a nice social gathering at our two weekly meeting, at the exibit but also at the christmas lunch at on our excurtions. We use our time to grow our network and friendships, both within the MiniTown and outside.

In our coffee breaks we solve all kinds of problems, be it local or the big life discussions. We not only specialize in housebuilding, also in life.

No special skill are required to be a part of Faaborg MiniTown (except being able to listen to the chairman, Eric, for longer periods of time) as we will find you a role, that plays to your abilities and wishes.

If you feel like giving a hand, come by on our weekly worshop days tuesdays and thursdays from 9 to 10 or contact one of the members of the board. You are also welcome to use the contact field.