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Building the Holy Spirit Church

HelligåndskirkenDescription of the project

The project is about building the Holy Spirit Church which, along with the Belfry (already built), is Faaborgs second landmark.

Our construction drawings are very detailed, some even colored, architectural drawings, which ensures that we achieve an exact miniature copy of the church.

With its ground plan of 52 x 23m and with its tallest point of 21m, we still can't build the 1:10 scaled building in our workshops - therefore we have to build it at the exhibition area in its designated spot.

This means that we need to create the concrete foundation on the exact spot, and dig a trench around it, so we can have a reasonable working height. The trench must be filled gradually as the building progresses. Later the trench will be substituted with scaffolding and platforms.

We expect a construction time of 3 - 5 years. The entire construction must therefore be covered by a tent, that also have room for some building materials. We're thus giving our guests the possibility to gain insight in the actual construction.

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The construction was begun in the spring of 2015. We also created a "mini ward council" to take care of the construction, practical tasks and contact with advisors.


One of the issues we generally experience with our houses is condensation. In this project we want to avoid these issues by implementing ventilation, rain water fascines, isolated floor and drainage.

As something new we want to make it possible to take a look into the finished building, where you'll both be able to see a couple of chandeliers and a tiled floor.

There are 10 leaded windows and 2 carved doors, one single and one double. In addition a good amount of decorative details.

There will be copper gutters and downpipes.

We expect to use approximately 80.000 bricks and 27.000 roof tiles.


In addition to the advisors we normally use, we have a experts in renovation and conservation for protected and historical buildings associated with the project. They have helped with a total renovation of The Belfry (the real one) for DKK 15.000.000.



 Det skrider fremad. Kom og se udviklingen.


Adults: DKK 30

Children (under 12): Free accompanied by adult


If you have a ticket from the Syd Fyenske Veteranjernbane: DKK 25

Our ticket also gives a rebate at the Syd Fyenske Veteranjernbane.

Opening hours 2022

Date Days Opening hours
May 13th Opening day 10-16
May 14th - June 26th Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday 10-16
June 27th - October 2nd All days 10-16
October 15th - October 23rd Autumn Vacation days 10-16
October 18th, 20th and 22nd Co-builder days for children and young-at-hearts
Price DKK 30


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