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Open workshop

During 2012 Faaborg MiniTown will be having "open workshop". Here it's possible to visit the MiniTown, and see all or parts the work that go into building Faaborg MiniTown.

You will get the opportunity to see for instance:

  • Where our knowledge from 1890 comes from.
  • Which materials and tools are made.
  • How we make our own bricks, tiles, windows, doors. All parts that go into a house.
  • See examples of our archicect drawn architect house-desigs, which are the basis for all our MiniTown houses in the workshops.
  • Get interesting details about the process, the houses or any other part of the MiniTown that your are the most interested in.
  • Hear how we prepare the site, in order to have the houses and streets positioned correctly compared to Faaborg anno 1890.


Adults: DKK 30

Children (under 12): Free accompanied by adult


If you have a ticket from the Syd Fyenske Veteranjernbane: DKK 25

Our ticket also gives a rebate at the Syd Fyenske Veteranjernbane.

Opening hours 2022

Date Days Opening hours
May 13th Opening day 10-16
May 14th - June 26th Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday 10-16
June 27th - October 2nd All days 10-16
October 15th - October 23rd Autumn Vacation days 10-16
October 18th, 20th and 22nd Co-builder days for children and young-at-hearts
Price DKK 30


Faaborg MiniBy

Diernæsvej 2
5600 Faaborg

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